Spam Backlink Removal Services to recover Website Rankings

Is your website suffering from a fall in the rankings lately? Spam backlinks could be one of the reasons.Backlinks help a website to gain traction and to rank higher in searches. However, over some time, these backlinks can become obsolete and start hurting your website rankings. Google actively engages in identifying spam and low-quality links and issues penalties, which affect the performance of the website on Google searches. It is imperative to identify and remove spam backlinks.SEO Genics offers a complete suite of Spam Backlink Removal services, wherein we engage in a deep dive of your website profile as part of the Backlink Audit to identify and remove bad backlinks.We utilize automated tools and manual reviews to do a complete check and revive our SEO profile to improve the website’s rankings.

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A holistic approach to Spam backlink removal

A higher ranking of your website could have suffered because of an update in Google algorithms like Google Penguin, which has turned your backlinks into spam.?

SEO Genics can help you remove bad backlinks before your site becomes a target of the?Google penalty, through our holistic approach to Spam Backlink Removal.

  1. We conduct a thorough audit of your website backlink profile.
  2. Monitor all the inbound links and detect any potential harm through toxic links
  3. Track all the outreach requests that were made
  4. Create and submit a Disavow file for Google’s consideration
  5. Monitor fluctuations in website traffic and proactively engage in identifying the reasons.

Spam Backlink removal services for enhancing Online Reputation

Google’s guidelines have become more stringent over the years. The guidelines have remained the same, but the implementation has become more strict. Hence, many of the practices which were considered to be acceptable are now under the scanner.

Therefore many of the backlinks developed as part of?SEO Link Building?now face the prospect of being considered spam and can lead to receiving a Google Penalty. Any such action harms the Online reputation of your website.

SEO Genics is an advanced SEO Company, whose services encompass different aspects of SEO. Using our expertise, we not only work on overhauling your website backlink profile through spam backlink removal but also engage in various reputation management activities, which would enhance the brand reputation, which might have taken a hit.

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Our Spam Backlink Removal Services that offer an edge

Link Audit & Analysis

We engage in a thorough link audit & analysis wherein we go through every backlink to identify any unnatural and toxic links that carry the potential of penalty risks. All the websites that are being referenced in the website backlink profile are check for their authenticity. We use advanced tools that have a higher degree of efficiency in auditing for weak and bad links. A manual audit is also done to ensure that there is no scope of missing any of the spam backlinks.

Removing Bad Links

A multi-pronged approach is followed in removing the Bad Links. After identifying the links which are causing the spam, we approach the respective webmasters with a request to delink. Regular tracking and follow-up are done with them to ensure that they act and remove spam backlinks. For those links where there is no action from the webmasters, we take the help of the Google Disavow links tool to upload the list of backlinks we intend to disavow.

Monitoring Backlink Profile

Our Spam Backlink Removal services extend beyond the identification and removal of backlinks. We regularly monitor the?website backlink profile?to identify any links that have the potential to be considered as spam by Google and proactively engage in removing them from the profile. This helps to avoid the scope of receiving a?Google penalty.

Quicker action through Spam Backlink Removal Services

Complexities with Google algorithm would imply that despite the best efforts, there are chances that few of the backlinks are identified as spam, and you receive a penalty.A quick response is warranted in such a situation to avoid damage to the online reputation of the website. A delay in corrective action could severely affect the website rankings, which in turn has an impact on the website traffic.
Being a leading SEO Agency, we can synergize the various SEO activities to ensure that rapid action is taken to identify and remove the backlinks that have affected the rankings. Our Spam Backlink removal services further entail developing a plan that can rebuild the reputation of the website.

Spam Backlink Removal FAQs

SEO Genics offers comprehensive Spam Backlink Removal services that include identification and removal of spam backlinks and the maintenance of backlink profiles. 

  1. Complete Audit: An extensive backlink audit is conducted, in which each backlink is carefully checked to identify bad & low-quality backlinks, which can attract penalties from Google. The automation tools that we use ensure that the website backlink profile is thoroughly checked in less time. Our Backlink SEO experts also conduct a manual audit to identify further any of the toxic backlinks, which are potential red flags.
  2. Removal of Links: Identification of bad backlinks is the only job half done. The key step towards getting your website back on track involves removing these toxic links harming your site. As part of it, we reach out to the webmasters of these links with the request to remove the linking to your website. Our experience in dealing with such scenarios ensure that such requests are efficiently tracked and followed up for timely action.
  3. Profile building: We leverage upon our standing as a leading digital marketing company to make use of various services in ensuring that the online reputation of the website is rebuilt, so that it starts to appear higher on SERPs again.

Detection and differentiation of spam backlinks from good backlinks require considerable understanding and effort. The quality of the website being linked to is a crucial indicator to identify spam and low-quality backlinks.


Conducting a thorough search of the backlink profile and listing down the bad links would help in preparing the foundation to further work on the removal of the links and maintenance of the backlink profile.

Few key aspects to check for identification of Spam Backlinks are:

Links from a website that have been set up only for SEO purposes. Irrelevant web content that lacks coherence is one of the main giveaways of such a website.

  1. ?Links from the comments of other websites
  2. Backlinks that have over-optimized anchor texts and keywords. These links are specifically created for SEO purposes and are not organic.
  3. Links to websites that are created by some black-hat SEO companies for the specific purpose of creating backlinks.

Currently, there are automated tools available that would check for spam backlinks using these set criteria. Manual checking of the backlinks can help identify any of the bad & toxic links that might have escaped the automated tools. It is always recommended by Google to opt for?white hat SEO strategies?for increased online growth.

A bad backlink is any link that comes from a less trusted website. Google has been very strict with bad backlinks since the change in the Penguin algorithm since 2012.

Backlinks form a crucial aspect of SEO, with many SEO companies opting for extensive means to boost up the backlink profile of a website to rank higher in the search engines. A good portion of these is part of black-hat SEO that follows non-organic means to reference the website with multiple backlinks to sites that are of low quality and set up for the specific purpose.

Google algorithm now identifies such backlinks to these low-quality sites and penalizes the website.

Few of the standard backlinks in SEO include:

  1. Advertorials
  2. Article directories
  3. Backlinks designed to manipulate the page rank
  4. Comments spam
  5. Bookmark Websites

Backlinks are essential in boosting the SEO ranking of a website. However, spam & toxic backlinks can have a negative impact on SEO rankings.

Google Penguin algorithm identifies spam and low-quality links associated with website backlink profile and issues penalties to the website. The rationale is to ensure that the website receives organic traffic by its reference to legit sites.?

Being penalized would reduce page rank, marginalizing your website’s scope being ranked higher on the SERPs. More penalties run the risk of the website being removed from the search index as well.

Spam Backlink removal can be done using different approaches. The best and more amicable way of resolving the issue is to reach out and request the webmaster of a backlink to remove the linking.

Sometimes regular follow up is needed for those webmasters to take action and delink the website.

In case there is no response, Google does provide a solution in the form of disowning backlinks.

For this, the first step is to prepare a list of all the bad & low-quality backlinks that you want to remove.

Google Console has a Disavow Links tool to upload the links that you would want to disavow on this tool.

This is an indication to Google that you are no more related to these links. It not only cleans up your backlink profile but also gives you a?good online reputation?as well.

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Why choose SEO Genics for Spam Backlink Removal Services?

Spam backlink removal is a critical process to ensure that your website ranks higher on search engine results. Furthermore, receiving a penalty would mean that there is a negative impact on the website, and it needs to be rectified.

Hence you need a service that would offer accurate as well as time-bound solutions. With a vast experience in resolving backlink issues for various websites, SEO Genics offers comprehensive Spam backlink removal services.

  • A detailed audit of the website backlink profile
  • Use of modern automation tools along with manually developed audit processes
  • Accurate identification of spam & toxic backlinks
  • Quicker action in reaching out to webmasters for delinking the backlinks; regular follow-up and tracking to ensure the same
  • Maintenance of the website backlink profile to identify and remove spam backlinks to avoid penalties
  • Extensive SEO services for reputation management of the business.

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If the organic traffic to the website has reduced of late or you have received a Google penalty and wondering how to remove spam backlinks that have created the situation. If you are in search of such an expert who can provide high-quality Spam Backlink Removal services, SEO Genics is the right answer. You can reach out to us on +1 (612) 517-3955 or fill in our online form.

We understand the impact of a Google Penalty on the performance of your website and ensure we do a compressive and time-bound audit of your website to remove the bad backlinks and enable your website to gain a higher rank and receive organic traffic.

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