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75% of people rely on Social Media to make a purchase decision. Hence it is important to have a strong social media marketing plan that can help you build higher engagement and traffic. SEO Genics is a leading social media marketing company offering the most comprehensive Social Media Marketing services that effectively enhance your brand reputation and increase customer engagement.

Our team of online marketing experts conducts a detailed analysis of not only your business but also that of your competitors to develop a customized SMM strategy that effectively reaches out to the right target audience. This enhanced exposure and engagement would help to drive the traffic to your website, which can potentially translate into generating higher revenue.

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Expand Your Reach with Social Media Marketing Services

As a Social Media Marketing Agency with varied experience, we understand that each of our clients has a unique requirement. Therefore we specialize in developing custom-built social media marketing solutions that deliver the intended results.

We assign a dedicated Social Media Manager to handle your account, who, with a team of experts, develops a bespoke social media strategy for your business. The customized strategy involves exclusive study to ascertain your company position, competitive analysis, research, and develop buyers persona and building up a content strategy.

The strategic plan entails several activities that focus on the?reputation management?of your brand. Our social media marketing services also provide you with an advertising strategy along with a clearly defined success roadmap.

Build an Unforgettable Social Media Presence

Our Social Media Marketing Company offers a wide range of services that cover all the aspects of social media. We conduct preliminary research to identify the target audience. This helps us to develop a customized social media strategy and implement it. This is not a one-time activity and we are engaged in continuous Social Media Management., making the necessary changes based on the emerging trends.

We also optimize your social media profiles around the right keywords to ensure it helps to gain more traction among the audiences. Being a Social Media Marketing Company, we try to build higher engagement, brand awareness and more traffic by using creative SMM strategies for businesses.

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Social Media Marketing Services offering unique proposition

Social Audit

We conduct an extensive social media audit to analyze your social profile so that we can optimize the social media strategy. Based on the understanding, we ascertain the social media platforms that are the right fit for you and utilize them to build your social media profile and increase social traffic to your business site.

Brand Awareness

We synergize the efforts towards developing an understanding of the target audience and develop strategies that attract and keep them engaged. SEO Genics undertakes a host of activities that are targeted at enhancing your online reputation and developing brand awareness among the target audience.

Managing Social Presence

Managing the social media handles of our clients and actively engaging in reputation management activities to boost social media presence is our core focus. Regular updates, managing online reviews, social media engagement, etc. help to maintain and develop the online reputation of your brand and pave the way to gain more followers and a higher engagement rate.

Social Media Marketing Services for Higher Engagement Rates

Various social media platforms have users to the tune of billions. Facebook itself has over 2 billion users worldwide. Effective Social Media Management can help to leverage upon this large audience base and deliver higher online visibility to your business.

As a leading digital marketing company, our focus is on providing you with result-oriented Social Media marketing services.

We follow a three-step strategy which involves:

  1. ?Attracting the right audience
  2. Engaging the audience to deliver results
  3. Growing a dedicated base of an audience who becomes a catalyst for attracting more traffic.

With our SMM strategies built upon achieving these targets, the focus is on delivering the right results, including – increase in traffic, higher engagement rate, and boosting online brand reputation.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

SEO Genics is a leading Social Media Marketing company that has the capabilities of developing a comprehensive social media marketing solution and implement it. We ensure the utmost transparency in all our services so that you have the right visibility on the developments and can aptly ascertain the progress.

We offer accountability in all the activities that are offered by us. We ensure this through :

  1. Regular social media campaign reports providing you with a complete overview of the performance of the campaign.
  2. Report on the activities undertaken by us and the prospective ROI.

We provide a dedicated Account Manager who is available for any of your queries and drives the social media strategy by coordinating with the different teams involved.

Our Social Media Marketing Company has the necessary resources and the expertise to provide end-end social media marketing solutions in-house without the reliance on any external third-party service providers. Content Management, SEO services, brand outreach, etc. are all taken care of by us. Having a strong experience is SEO, we know how to mix it well with social media to create an output that leads to a more enhanced business growth. Using combinations of advanced SEO strategies, content marketing, building high-quality links for pushing the content, we try to utilize whatever we have to our fullest potential.

Our standing as a leading service provider also helps us to reach out to bloggers and other social media influencers who can promote your brand. Using both our ORM techniques and online review management skills, we can help you build a strong online reputation.

Social Media Marketing services help to promote your brand on various social media platforms, thereby enabling you to get better visibility as well as connect with the target audience. Social Media Marketing services include :


  1. Conducting Competitor analysis: It includes having a review of your services along with identifying your competition. Analyze the scope of content and the message that can be delivered to outperform the competition.
  2. Organic Social Campaigning: In this, one develops organic social campaigning to promote the brand. This includes regular posts and content intended for the target audience, monitoring the performance of the campaign, and making necessary changes.
  3. Creating Paid Social campaigns: Identify the scope for higher engagement rate and create paid ad campaigns that deliver on it. Monitor and review the campaigns.
  4. Managing your reputation: Provide reputation management services that involves monitoring and tracking your online reputation and taking initiatives that would enhance it.
  5. SEO & Website Integration: Leveraging your website to make it an integral part of social media campaigning and developing the required content and links.

Nearly 71 % of customers are inclined to recommend a brand based on a positive social media experience. Studies also indicate that nearly 70 % of the customers return after a positive interaction. It is estimated that around 42 % of the total population are on various social media platforms.

These indicate a large potential for the businesses to utilize social media marketing to reach out to their target audience and convert them into potential business. 92 % of marketers say that social media has a positive influence on the business.

One of the foremost advantages of Social media is the boost to the online reputation. Regular interaction with the customers and issue resolution via social media help to create a positive response and encourage them to recommend and return for your services. Favourable online reviews also act as a catalyst for enhancing brand reputation.

Our Social Media Marketing Company can further help in increasing the inbound traffic to your online business place, which can be converted into potential revenue-generating options. Having a presence on social media would further enhance the chances of ranking higher on SERPs and have higher visibility on online searches.

There are a host of social media platforms that provide a connection with the target audience. However, for optimal use of available resources, the best approach is to determine and focus on the social media platforms that are expected to provide you with more traction.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are a few of the more popular social media platforms that can provide a wider base. However, the choice would largely depend on what suits your specific needs.

Few aspects to look out for to determine the right choice of social media platform include:


  1. Define your goals for using social media. Is it to create a platform to interact with your customers, or is to reach out to a new audience or develop an understanding of your customers and leverage it to boost your traffic and sales?
  2. Identify the social media platforms that are already being used by your existing and target customers.
  3. Ascertain the online content you create to determine the optimal platform for that content.

Using this information, you can narrow down your choice of the platform to be used.


  1. Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users and is an ideal platform for lead generation. It is also a good platform for enhancing your brand reputation by engaging with your leads and convert them into loyal customers.
  2. Twitter is the right platform where-in immediacy is the need. You can use Twitter for important announcements, news, exclusive deals, etc. It is also a good platform for quicker customer interaction and problem resolution.
  3. Instagram and Pinterest help in driving sales. A large portion of the interaction on these platforms has the potential to convert to sales.
  4. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for B2B networking and development.

SEO and Social Media marketing work in tandem to effectively create a digital marketing solution for any business. SEO has an effective role to play in social media marketing in multiple ways.

  1. Various keyword research tools can help in creating effective social media content.
  2. SEO analytical tools can help in researching the audience to develop focused strategies for targeting them.
  3. Effective SEO strategy can attract more customers to your social media platforms which can be leveraged for retention and further promotion.
  4. Ranking higher on the product searches would encourage the audience to further follow your social media handles.


Hiring a good SEO Agency can help to effectively utilize social media.

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Why choose SEO Genics for Social Media Marketing Services?

SEO Genics is a leading Digital Marketing company with vast experience in handling social media marketing services for various reputed organizations. This experience, coupled with the expertise of the team helps in creating social media marketing solutions that are customized and result oriented.

  • Dedicated SEO Marketing personnel to respond to queries and oversee the delivery of a social media strategy
  • Integration of various Digital marketing services like content creation, SEO optimization, link building etc. for a holistic social media strategy
  • Provide connect with influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, etc. to utilize their services for reputation management
  • Experience in handling various situations to be able to deliver quick solutions
  • Resources to create and monitor an extensive campaign that can deliver results
  • Transparent reporting and engagement that keeps you abreast with the developments

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Social Media presence is a key factor in influencing your brand reputation. It not only requires an effective strategy to build up your Social media profile but also to regularly monitor and take necessary action.

SEO Genics is your ideal partner to utilize social media platforms to build your brand visibility as well as to generate more revenue. You can reach out to us on +1 (612) 517-3955 or fill in our online form.

We would be delighted to work with you and provide our social media marketing services that would set up, build, and enhance your presence on the various social media platforms. Our services are result-oriented and enable us to deliver on an improved bottom line with increased revenues.

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