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92% of the customers hesitate to buy a product that has less than 4 Star Ratings. Around 80 % of the customers have changed their mind on a purchase based on an online review. These numbers emphasize the importance of online review management in the success of a business.

Before making a purchase decision people check the online reviews. Therefore, ensuring that that your online business pages have higher positive reviews would help in enhancing your online reputation.
We are a leading Review Management Company that has extended its review management services to various businesses and helped them in effectively managing their online reviews and generate positive organic traffic to their online site.

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Surveys indicate that nearly 95% of the customers read online reviews before making a purchase. 72% of the customers are known not to take any decision until they read online reviews. When there is a choice between two equally good products, it is the one with more positive reviews that is more likely to be purchased.

Online Reviews, therefore, create an avenue to attract new customers to the business. Investing in Reputation management of the business increases the scope of gaining more revenue.?There is an increase between 5-9% revenue for every 1-star improvement on online review sites.?

Through our online review management services, we focus on investing the resources and enhancing reputation on the site, which has a higher chance of reaching out to new customers.

Online Review Management services Customized for your business

Enhancing your online reputation on portals and social media, where there are higher chances of your business to gain traction, is critical to balance the available resources for maximum results. As part of our review management services, we conduct exclusive research about your business and the industry you cater, so that we can identify the best strategy for enhancing your online reviews. We identify online review sites related to your business to check for any existing online reviews and respond to them accordingly, which enhances your reputation.
We also channelize our efforts towards encouraging online reviews about your business on these sites, so that your business can gain more visibility. We develop an SEO strategy in reviewing and increasing the positive reviews, which creates scope for a higher chance of your website to rank better in SERPs.

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Analyzing Reviews

Our first step of engagement as part of ORM services is to analyze your existing online reviews. Customers hesitate to transact with a business that has fewer reviews. Hence, whether it is a positive or a negative review, we consider the it for feedback to further promote the business.?We also analyze each of the existing reviews and categorize them into positive reviews that can be boosted on various online review sites,?and into negative reviews to identify ways to mitigate the negative impact they might have caused.

Review Monitoring

We keep a close eye on the online reviews being posted about your business. Especially we watch out for any of the negative reviews being posted and respond to them to understand and make their experience better. 41% of customers say that brands that reply to them help them in increasing their trust in the brand. We also check for any negative reviews that violate the terms and conditions, so that they can be purged and ensure the reputation is not affected.

Building Positive Reputation

Our SEO Agency actively engages in reaching out to customers to provide online reviews, which can help in creating a positive image of your business. We further bolster up the reputation by prompting these reviews on various platforms using effective social media management techniques to let a broad reach of the audience to know about your business. This increases both the credibility and authority of your business.

Attract More Online Reviews to Get Higher Rankings in SERPs

The scope of Review Management Services extends beyond managing the online reviews. We are a reputed Review Management Agency that provides a whole gamut of ORM services that extend to reputation management, SEO, Social Media Management, etc.

Our Online Review services include conducting an audit of your existing reviews and identify the scope of using them for enhancing a positive reputation. Our Social media specialists engage in drawing up an SMM strategy that leverages on your positive online reviews and boosts the reputation on platforms where-in your business is likely to get more response.

Being an advanced SEO company, we can call upon our experience in providing top-class SEO services that optimally utilize your online reviews to multiply the chances of ranking higher in search engine searches.

Online Review Management FAQs

SEO Genics has a proven track record of helping businesses to build their brand and credibility through effective review management services. We understand that reputation is critical for the success of the business and hence are committed to making a difference through our services.


Our proven review management strategies help in nurturing positive online reviews. SEO Genics is a leading Review management company and offers a wide range of services that offer effective online review management. Through our services, we :

  1. Identify & Promote USPs: We conduct extensive research of your business and identify the USPs that resonate with the customers. We then actively engage with them in providing feedback. This helps to gain more positive online reviews.
  2. Develop your SEO Strategy: Our expertise as an SEO Agency helps to identify the scope of enhancing the SEO potential and develop a custom SEO strategy that can deliver on it.
  3. Enhance your Social Media Presence: SEO Genics has earned the reputation as a leading Digital Marketing Agency. We use this expertise and experience in boosting your presence on social media by taking advantage of your positive online reviews and also to leverage on SM presence to gain more reviews.
  4. Saving up on Resources: Our holistic services ensure that there is a minimal effort of time and resources from your end, as we take charge of review management of your business. This allows you to focus on your core operations.
  5. Increase your revenue: There is scope for customers to spend 31 % more on businesses with higher positive reviews. SEO Genics has the experience, tools, and resources to develop a cohesive strategy that can boost positive reviews of your business which can translate to leads and revenue.

Online Review Management can be summed up as the process of monitoring, auditing, analyzing, responding and identifying ways to generate more reviews across various platforms including online review sites, which can help in boosting the online reputation of the business and help the business gain more organic traffic, thereby increase their sales and revenues.

This is a key component of a Business’s Reputation Management strategy. Research indicates that 72 % of customers are more likely to read reviews before making a purchase decision. Hence whether it is a large enterprise or a small business, online review management plays a key role in promoting the business.

Review Management services entail the involvement of different services, including – SEO services, Social media Management, Digital marketing, etc.?

Research indicates that there is potential for the business to increase its revenue by 5-9 % for every 1-star improvement in the ratings. Generating more positive reviews helps in attracting new customers, thereby increasing the revenues.

More than 90 % of the customers say that they are turned off by negative reviews of a business and impacts their decision. Review Management Services can help deal organically with these negative reviews and mitigate any negative impact they might have on the business reputation.

Online Review Management might not be solely responsible for enhancing the business over the longer run, but they form an indispensable part in the reputation management strategy.

Different strategies are implemented to attract more business reviews. The intent is to identify organic means that encourage customers to provide reviews of their experience with your business.


  1. Make the process simple for the customers to provide feedback. Providing a link that is visible and accessible, easy navigation, short precise questions, etc. can help customers to be willing to provide a review.
  2. Following up with the customers to provide online reviews can act as a gentle push towards them, providing the review. Ensure that the follow-up process is not aggressive.?
  3. A simple questionnaire, with mostly “Yes” & “No” responses.
  4. Responding to customer reviews communicates the intent that you are listening and encourages others to provide feedback.
  5. A presence on various online review sites, which makes it easier for the customers to provide feedback.

Quality of the reviews helps in encouraging the customers to reach out to your business. Studies indicate that it is not the volume of reviews but the content in them which drives the customers.

Encouraging the customers to provide prescient reviews and having a template which can attract such responses, helps in generating quality reviews.

Responding to customer reviews can help to mitigate the impact of any negative review and can also pave the way for further reviews. Such interactions can also help to spot any fake negative reviews, and those reading the reviews would be able to ascertain the open nature of your interaction.

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Why choose SEO Genics for Online Review Management Services?

SEO Genics has a reputation as a leading Review Management Company that provides top-class ORM Services. We have worked with various businesses in helping them to improve their online reviews and generate more revenues.

We are the right choice to be your partner for Online Review Management Services for various reasons:

  • Holistic review management services that encompass all the services needed for building and delivering effective review management strategies
  • A comprehensive audit of your existing reviews and identifying opportunities which could enhance your online reputation
  • Exclusive review of all the negative comments and work out ways of mitigating any damage.
  • Proactively follow up with customers to get their feedback.
  • Identify platforms that provide more visibility to your reviews, and thereby your business.
  • Service provided by specialist experts of different domains
  • A personal and dedicated approach where-in we have an assigned consultant looking after you.

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Online reviews are a key influencing factor in encouraging people to choose your business. It requires dedicated efforts to manage online reviews and ensure that your reputation is not taken a hit by it.

SEO Genics is your ideal partner which combines its expertise and resources to build an effective online review management solution that is custom fit for you. You can reach out to us on +1 (612) 517-3955 or fill in our online form.

We would be delighted to work with you and develop and manage your online reputation. Our services are result-oriented and enable us to convert your audience into potential leads.

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