Google Medic Update Recovery

Google Medic Update

In August 2018, Google Medic Update was released showing a major Google Medic Update which affected 50% of medical and health-related websites leaving them with a huge decrement in rankings. There was a loss of almost half of visitors in just few days. This was the reason it was nicknamed as Medic Update. It was a broad Google Algorithm Update

Even your rankings were affected with the update? Don’t PANIC! Let our SEO Agency help you with some Google Medic Update Recovery tips and techniques to get your lost rankings back. Google’s Quality Raters assign quality scores to search results for specific queries.?Pages that get high-quality ratings from raters applying these guidelines are pages Google will rank well.?It makes ranking adjustments based on output given by Google Quality Raters.

If you don’t know who Quality Raters are, Google uses thousands of people from all over the world to analyze the quality of your website based on some guidelines.

It then uses those recommendations to help deliver quality content that’s best to the users. E-A-T is among those guidelines. By this update, Google wants to provide searchers with the best, most relevant results. It’s an opportunity for all the webmasters to further improve the rankings and making their website fit for future changes. E-A-T guidelines are all about evaluating whether users can trust you or not.

What is E-A-T?


How much knowledge your content provides and expertise of the site owner on the subject matter they talk about. This is very imperative as it shows how much informational content you are posting which in turn attracts customer’s attention.


The credibility of the person or author writing the content. This includes any credentials, reviews, testimonials etc. Show your achievements and badges you have gained.


Optimize your website in such a way that users can trust on you and your content. Improve overall website quality. Make sure the user gives a thumbs up to you when it comes to trust-factor.

How SEO Genics can Help in Improving your E-A-T Score

There are some steps that we follow in order to improve your E-A-T score. These steps will definitely give you a hike in your rankings.


We’ll help you in adding effective Author bios and their expertise on the required pages as it gives users a sense of satisfaction that the content is of high-quality and is written by a well reputed person.

Secure Website

Now as?Chrome is considering http pages as unsecured,?you might as well rethink if you have any such pages. We’ll assist you in getting a secure & safe website ensuring that it does not pop up any threat hampering your user’s privacy.?


Users generally like to read content from sources that have good reputation in the market. Our Digital Marketing Company can help in building a positive reputation with our unique Reputation Management services.


Our team will deeply analyze your website content and will look for any content that’s old. We’ll help you in creating content that’s super original and fresh. Our unique content strategy will surely leave a good impact on the Quality Raters.

About Page

A brand’s About Us page holds a lot of power in gaining user’s trust. We’ll guide you in optimizing your About Page with all the factors that are required and will make sure that user sticks to your business after reading it.


Users read reviews and testimonials before reading any further content. So, we’ll help you in adding your appreciation badges like testimonials, reviews, ratings etc. on the Home Page itself with a customized ORM strategy.


This update is all about increasing your website’s quality. As ultimately Goggle will rank only those pages that are well-optimized with on-page and?off-page SEO. If you don’t want to see any damage to your rankings then you do need to keep a track of the constantly changing algorithms and make sure to remove Google Algorithm Penalty if Google ever imposes a penalty on your website. Especially Google’s major algorithm changes always forces us to change the strategy.

The E-A-T algorithm update is no exception, specifically if you run a health related website. It is just another step by Google toward providing the best, most relevant and most trustworthy results to all the searchers.?

We at?SEO Genics?is here to help you get your all your lost visitors back again. We provide high-end Google Medic Update Recovery to all those who are affected by this Google Algorithm Update.?SEO Agency like us can be of great help in case you feel a little confused about how to fix this. Give a call or get in touch with our experts and we’ll make sure you get a healthy and a search-engine friendly website.